tombola Give Away £100k in Bingo Roulette Celebrations

April is a busy month for holidays and special events with April Fool’s Day, Easter and St George’s day all featuring. You can rely on top online bingo site tombola to ensure each one is covered by a special event of its own that each offer players the chance to win big.

There is £20,000 up for grabs over the Easter weekend, £10,000 on Friday, 13th April and another £10,000 on St George’s Day, but the really big money is being rolled out to celebrate the birthday of the unique tombola game, Bingo Roulette.

Between Monday, 16th April and Wednesday, 18th April there will be prize money worth £100,000 given away on this game alone.

Join tombola Bingo today and take advantage of the 200% welcome bonus on offer and get accustomed to the game before the big money giveaway.

Bingo Roulette has been a popular feature at tombola for three years as of 16th April and this massive giveaway will underline its popularity even more.

It’s a really simple concept:

  • There are 37 numbers on a roulette table layout – 0 to 36.
  • Players can buy up to four sets of coloured chips and choose which numbers to place them on or let the system do it for them.
  • The wheel spins and when the ball lands in a number that is covered that chip is removed from the table.
  • The first players to successfully have all their chips removed is the winner.
  • Play for stakes from 10p to £2 for a standard jackpot up to £10,000 if the chips are cleared in 10 spins or under.

To celebrate the third birthday of Bingo Roulette, tombola is offering guaranteed prize money on every game worth between £125 and £500 depending on the price point chosen.

This really is a fun game and tombola Bingo is a fun place in general – discover it for yourself now.