Commuters bin newspapers in favour of mobile gaming

Recently, the rise in mobile gaming can’t possibly have gone unnoticed. From Angry Birds to Temple Run to Candy Crush Saga, it seems that more and more people are being sucked in to the craze like never before.

Not since the classic Snakes on the old Nokia phones has gaming gripped the world so solidly.

And, as it transpires, a Fortune Frenzy press release claims that we’re now ditching traditional forms of entertainment in favour of mobile gaming. In fact, over 80% of commuters have their mobile phone in their hands rather than a newspaper as they travel to and from work.

Are onine bingo sites taking note?

In its recent survey, found that only 21% of those people they questioned were using their phones for work-related purposes, and 62% of respondents were playing games.

Graham Brown, Product Manager at Fortune Frenzy, a mobile casino site, says that the decline of newspaper readership on daily commutes can be boiled down to the fact that “with a mobile game you are in control of what you’re being entertained by” rather than being “dictated to” by newspapers.

And we don’t have to take the 2,000 respondents to Fortune Frenzy’s survey for granted – when I look around at my fellow commuters in the morning, I’m faced with glassy-eyed mobile gamers whose thumbs must be getting sore by the time they have to get off the train. And yes, I admit it, I have my own phone in my hand at the time.

But it’s not just our daily commute where mobile use is taking over. According the the press release, 92% of the people polled use their phones in front of the TV (personally, I haven’t mastered the art of multitasking to that level yet and I’m constantly pausing live TV to reply to texts!).

If the increase in mobile phone and mobile data usage continues to grow, as the whole world expects it to do, the majority of our favourite bingo sites could be missing a trick. They would do well to pay attention to the movers and shakers in the industry and grab the digital bull by the horns.