Get 3xcited at abc bingo!

How annoying is it when you only have 2TG and someone gets bingo before you? I know it shouldn’t drive me crazy as it’s just a game of luck, but I always feel a little bit like I have been robbed somehow!

To make us all feel a little bit better when this scenario happens, abc bingo have brought out a brand new room that doubles our chances of winning (and hopefully halves our chances of chucking our laptops across the room in a fit of rage!) The new room is called 3excite, and is pretty much standard bingo but with a bit of a twist. Not only do those who call bingo on a special pattern win, but those who are on 2TG get a share of the cash as well. So if you are on 1TG, you better pray you get bingo, as you’re past the 2TG point, and need the big bingo to win! Talking of winning, there’s £30 to win every hour in this new room – either bingo on a special pattern to win £10 (go to the site to check out the pattern) or get 2TG and win a share of £30.

If that’s not enough, they also recently launched their huge Car or Cash promotion. The massive prize is a Smart car or £5,000 cash, the idea being that you decide which one you want. To get a head start you can pick up loads of free tickets by just calling bingo on the number 5, calling bingo in all the letters in the word car or calling bingo on the car pattern. The game isn’t until August, so you have loads of time to get collecting and get yourself closer to driving away the prize.

So if these promotions sound 3xciting to you, then sign up to abc bingo today!