New slots, Pay Day parties and bingo bargains!

There are quite a few sites out there that have a Pay Day special each month. It’s exciting because the idea of getting even more on the long-awaited day is just too much to resist. However, Zingo Bingo are spicing up Pay Day even more with some huge cash pay outs and some bargains that just can’t be turned down.

First off, this Saturday they are hosting their monthly Pay Day party jackpot game, where they are handing out a guaranteed £1,000. You can pre-buy your tickets at any time, so even if you have better places to be on a Saturday night you don’t have to miss out.

Sunday also marks the very start of a brand new month of promotions. Although we’re yet to see the whole offering, Sunday is the start of one of their new September promotions, namely Bargain Bingo. Just head along to the room between 7pm and 8pm on Tuesdays or Sundays and you can pick up tickets for 1p, 2p and even for free! You can win up to £15 in each game, which is a deal that would appeal to any bargain hunter.

Most importantly of all though, Zingo are bringing out some brand new slot games. Not famed for their slots before, now the site has all the snazzy favourites, from Temple of Isis to Shaman’s Dreams. So when you’re waiting to see if you’ve won £1,000 or at least a cheeky bargain, you can have a spin to tide you over!

The great thing about the site is that there’s so much more to come once September kicks in. If Zingo Bingo sounds like a site you might want to get involved in, sign up now and grab a 200% welcome bonus. You also get a free spin of the wheel which gives you a guaranteed bonus between £10 and £2,500.