See Jackpots in your Fortune at Jackpot Bingo

Though I’m not particularly superstitious, I definitely take note whenever my future is predicted. Whether it’s just a horoscope  in a newspaper or someone is actually telling my fortune with a crystal ball, I always take what they say on board. It sounds ridiculous, but almost to prepare myself just in case the predictions are accurate!

Luckily at Jackpot Bingo you don’t need a fortune teller to predict massive jackpots in your future if you’re a member. The site has been around for a while now, and has consistently offered up huge cash prizes in their various games. Tonight you can play their Mystic £555 game at 8pm, where you could win a share of just over half a grand. The game takes place every eleven days, and full house gets a whopping £300!

At Jackpot Bingo, they do have quite a few monthly games with large guaranteed jackpots. Another one that’s coming up is their monthly Zodiac game, where there is £1,111 up for grabs. It does seem a weirdly specific number, but I guess that’s just to make it sound more mysterious? Each month they have a different star sign as their theme, and if your birthday falls in that sign you’ll get 10 free tickets to the game. Land on full house and you’ll get 20 tickets to the next game, plus a whopping £500 cash as well!

So if Jackpot Bingo sounds like it has your kind of, well, jackpots! Then sign up at jackpotbingo and you’ll get a huge 200% welcome bonus. That means if you deposit £10 you get an unbelievable £20 free to play with.